vendredi 9 mai 2008

Pantherman "Pantherman" - 1974

Projet solo du hollandais Frank Klunhaar, deux singles sous le nom de Pantherman et un autre sous Panther, en groupe et en laissant tomber son terrible et discret déguisement.

Pantherman "Pantherman" - 1974

Pantherman "You are my friend" - 1974

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Anonyme a dit…

your blog is FANTASTIC !
i discovered your blog about a week ago and have been stopping over to hear these awesome junkshop glammers every day !
keep up the great work !
- Sean Mondo
a few requests if you happen to have these songs , ive heard soundclips of these at Robin's fantastic Pure Pop blog , i'd love to hear full versions of these :
" big blond baby " - plastic feet
" just another saturday night" - giggles
" black angel " - clutch
" indian dancer " - abacus
many thanks !

Mr crazeekid a dit…

Thanks Monsieur !
next: the Plastic Feet 7" !