jeudi 24 septembre 2009

VA - "Boot Power vol.4" - 1970 - 1979


Photo (Liz Moll) taken from the "Skins 'n' Sharps" exhibition catalogue 2006 (Sam Biondo & Rohan Pugh)

01 - Intro: Flanelcat - Yer big girl’s blouse (1973)
02 - Hustler - Get outa me 'ouse (1974)
03 - Johnny Moped - Make trouble (1978)
04 - Kipper - Kipper (1975)
05 - Protex - I can only dream + intro “Made in Britain LP”(1979)
06 - Rats - Queen (1974)
07 - The Drones - Lookalikes (1977)
08 - Chas & Dave - I’m a rocker (1975)
09 - Puncture - You can’t rock and roll (1977)
10 - Tiger - I am an animal (1975)
11 - UK Subs - Young criminals (1979)
12 - Pyramids - Summertime, sunshine (1973)
13 - Helter Skelter - Goodbye baby
14 - Slade - O.K. Yesterday was yesterday (1974)
15 - Teenbeats - Strenght of the nation (1979)
16 - Blood Chains – Tired guy of the road (1975)
17 - Nottingham Forest & Paper Lace - We’ve got the whole world...(1978)
18 - Cock Sparrer - Trouble on the terraces (1977)
19 - Giggles – Just another saturday night (1976)
20 - Milk 'N' Cookies - Typically Teenage
21 - Great British Heroes - Eric Miller (1978)
22 - Mott The Hoople - Drivin' Sister (1973)
23 - The Outcasts - The cops are coming (1979)
24 - Supernaut - The kids are out tonight (1977)
25 - Fresh - Shifting the blame (1970)
26 - A.G.G.R.O. end.....

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Anonyme a dit…

Mrerci beaucoup! Nice to have you back. Greetings from Texas.

Roger a dit…

Super compil' Tony !
Finalement, pourquoi pas un Vol 5, j'te fais confiance..

Anonyme a dit…

Heavy stuff! Man, that Helter Skelter track just rips it up. This is the best volume yet, and each one has been better than any "official" compilation.

Unknown a dit…

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Ursula 1000 a dit…

great stuff!

Anonyme a dit…

Great post! Been looking for some of these songs for years! thanks! you think you'll ever post Harpo's "My Teenage Queen" in the future? would love to hear that one!

Anonyme a dit…

awesome awesome stuff

Anonyme a dit…

fantastic compilation :))
many many thanks!

Gerrard a dit…

Merci! Another brilliant comp.


ok fantastik but the order of the songs are wrong bastard :P
greetings from Brasilzão

Anonyme a dit…

thx it's a wundervoll comp. can you reup part 1 plz ....

BSF MoMoi! a dit…

Salut, exellent blog!depuis que j'ai découvert j'ai completment changé ma vision de la zik, je m'interesse vachement au glam maintenant! Es tu présent sur soulseek? Tu peux me contacter sur ce mail
merci et bonne continuation!

Tone a dit…

I think the link is down. Is a re-upload possible? thanks for these comp. I think they are great.

Blog A Cena: a dit…

please, re-upload vol. 04, thanks!

unkn0w a dit…


rockin' viking a dit…

just recently discovered your excellent blog. could you please make boot power vol. 4 available again? greetings from sweden!

Tony Crazeekid a dit…

try this:

C. von Grumpy a dit…

Bonjour Tony,
le lien a été retirer par les hautes instances ;o( boooooooho

rocka61 a dit…

Great site takes me back to when i waz a kid. Can you post this one again

Anonyme a dit…

Great site takes me back to when i waz a kid.
could you repost this one

Anonyme a dit…

Link in comments is dead... re-up? Please

Anonyme a dit…

Salut !!

Merci beaucoup pour vos travails.

Malheureusement, les liens 'Hotfile' et 'MegaUpload' ne marches pas tous les deux pour "Boot Power [Vol.4]". Pouvez-vous les faire marcher encore, s'il vous plait?

Aussi, je voudrais ecouter à "Boot Power [Vol.1]", mais je ne peut pas trouver un lien. Pouvez-vous me donner un lien pour ca aussi?

Merci beaucoup, en avance.


Anonyme a dit…

S'il vous plait, por favor, please please please - you are the glitterest, and everyone needs to hear this! Please re-up!

thunnar97 a dit…

For anyone interested in Vol. 4. the Megaupload link is dead

Anonyme a dit…

What a fantastic series! Was there ever a Boot Power Vol. 1??

Anonyme a dit…

Many thanks for re-upping, thunnar97 - I'd given up hope of Vol. 4, thrilled to have it!