mercredi 2 juillet 2008

VA - Sharpies attack !

The Sharpies loved their music tough, loud and simple. Suzi Quatro, Sweet, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, T-Rex, Gary Glitter and Bowie (as long as it was songs like "Rebel Rebel" or "Jean Genie"). But the most popular overseas group was Slade. They were probably bigger in Australia than anywhere else. "Slade Alive!" was played at every party I went to where there were Sharpies. When Slade toured with Status Quo in early '73, every gig was like a mass meeting of the Sharpie clans. Weirdly, the tour also included Lindisfarne and Caravan on the bill. I am surprised those two bands made it through the tour alive.

Of the local acts, the most popular were Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, AC/DC, Buster Brown (featuring Angry Anderson, later of Rose Tattoo, and Phil Rudd, later of AC/DC), Skyhooks, and Hush. But none were more popular than Lobby Loyde and the Coloured Balls. In their short lifespan ('72–'74), they were the undisputed number one Sharpie band.
- Bruce Milne

The film SHARPIE by Skyhook's bass guitarist Greg Macainsh shot in Melbourne, Australia in 1974.

Compilation maison de groupes australiens à télécharger là:

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Robin Wills a dit…

Fascinating stuff...the look is just sooo cool. If only Jook had supported Slade on tours down-under, the world may have been a different place...

skids a dit…

great mix

Anonyme a dit…

Great stuff,thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

La meulette revient en force! Bordel ça fait plaisir de voir du Lobby Loyde, bien avant les rose tattoo ou ac/dc, il a créé le "son" australien!

Super compile! Super site!

Stef a dit…

The "Sharps Attack" photo is of lindsay and Dave taken in 1976 in Dave's backyard in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne and the "Melbourne Skinheads" photos is of Linda, Jenny, Caryn, Kelvin, Bobby and Sam taken in 1977 outside CentrePoint Pinball Parlour in Bourke St, Melbourne - The photos came from my "Sharps Photo Album 1977" on the Skins'n'Sharps website - great choice of music!!! ... Stef - Melbourne, Australia

Anonyme a dit…

I'm very interested in sharpies movement
I make a zine and I would like incluide a article about this
can you help me???
(sorry for my bad english)

Stef a dit…

Hi Just saw your post. We just had an exhibtion on the Sharpie movement at Kustom Gallery in Melbourne (July 2010). Details at Contact Sam Biondo on this website for information for an article for your zine. Also, a book was released by Julie Mac "Rage: A Sharpies Journal - Melbourne 1974 to 1980". A very successful exhibition with artwork, clothing, artifacts, news clippings and music on display with many former Sharps getting back in contact again from our glory days of the 1970's. A band was formed "City Sharps" of former Sharps with a CD released and available from the website. Had a heap of younger visitors through to see what it was all about.
Stef, Melbourne, Australia.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for your awesome blog and compilations.. Now that Megaupload is down is not possible to download the compilations anymore, how about using different websites to upload them? (Mediafire, Rapidshare, etc.) Thank you so much!!

Gabriele (Bologna, Italy)

juliano_fndes a dit…

Repost, please.