jeudi 10 juin 2010

Top Fellas "The Story of Melbourne's Sharpie Cult" - Tadhg Taylor

Bonne nouvelle: Top Fellas le petit bouquin de Tadhg Taylor est de nouveau disponible ici:

Melbourne University Bookshop

Further info and media enquiries:

Gang wars! Rock'n'roll! Fine knits!
Top Fellas is the story of Melbourne’s 1960’s/70’s sharpie cult. Originally published with great
success in 2004 it inspired a revival of interest in the sharpie phenomenon resulting in sharpie
websites, exhibitions, magazine articles and fiction. Now, due to overwhelming demand, it’s
available again.
Sharpie was born in mid-sixties Melbourne, progeny of mod, rocker and Mediterranean tailoring.
For nigh on twenty years sharpies bossed the teenage world of coffee bars, pool halls, suburban
dances and roller rinks. They loved dancing, spiffy threads and belting ten shades of sugar out of
each other. From the 1960’s era of Billy Thorpe, flag pants and taking on the bouncers at the
Village Green Hotel to the 1970’s era of Billy Thorpe, Staggers jeans and taking on the bouncers at
the Village Green Hotel, Top Fellas is the full story of the great sharp epic, told in a lively,
borderline amoral, style.
Packed with first hand accounts from ex-sharps and rock n’ rollers like Lobby Loyde, Angry
Anderson and Skyhooks' Greg Macainsh, illustrated with over fifty photos of teenagers in cardigans,
Top Fellas is the most thorough account of an Australian mass-pop movement ever put into print!

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I'm so happy this is back in print again!