mardi 27 octobre 2009

Dan's Band "Annie the dancer", "Lelly I love you" - 1974

Encore du Penny Farthing.. sorti le 19 juillet 1974 ! Titres de Daniel Boone, produit par Larry Page.
Les deux faces sont bonnes.

Dan's Band "Annie the dancer" - 1974

Dan's Band "Lelly I love you" - 1974

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JeSkA a dit…

buen blog



Gonked, Glooked & Slurped! a dit…

I love those birds! What are they/where are they from?

You have one of my favorite blogs around. Keep up the great work!
I linked you on mine.

Tony Crazeekid a dit…

it's ADVERTISING CHARACTERS for Ariel (Cigarettes) from mid/late 60s