dimanche 4 janvier 2009

Iron Virgin's Glam Rock Guitarist's 70's Platform Boots

Les plateform boots de Gordon Nicol d'Iron Virgin vendues aux enchères en décembre:

These are the boots worn by Iron Virgin's Glam Rock guitarist Gordon Nicol. He's on the far left in the group shot crossing Edinburgh's Princes Street.

The boots are still in decent shape after being retired to closet use for 30 years. At one time they had obviously been cleaned with a polish that left a whitish residue, something that can probably be cleaned up quite easily by a knowledgeable shoe repair person. They have 4 1/2 inch heels, 2 inch soles and from sole to the top is 19 3/4 inches. From the toe to the heel (inside the boot) is 9 3/4." Made of very supple leather by a store called Bumble which was in Edinburgh.

And, if you like, Gordon will even autograph the boots (inside) and/or write a note saying that they were his and sign it. But you must ask for this.

Shoe size 8.5 - 9 (US)

Have a verrry Glam New Year !

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$100 if you throw in the football uniform!

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