samedi 27 septembre 2008

Darren Burn "Summertime time", "Quick Joey small" - 1974

En attendant un post sur Ricky Wilde.. voilà Darren Burn avec une bonne reprise "Quick Joey small" des bubblegumiens: Kasenetz-Katz, reprise aussi par les Slaughter & the Dogs.
Pochette française, le gamin a sorti 4 ou 5 singles.

Darren went on to be a great sound engineer and is credited on many albums such as, ACDC's 'Highway to Hell', Motorhead's 'Overkill' and 'Bomber' albums.

Darren Burn "Summertime time" - 1974

Darren Burn "Quick Joey small" - 1974

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Anonyme a dit…

Great Bubble-Glam!
Glad to see you back in action .
Your blog and Robin's Pure Pop are the best blogs in cyberspace !
Keep posting !
- Sean Mondo

Purepop a dit…

There was a documentary in the 70s on Darren about the choir boy going Pop, a bit like that Sheena Easton documentary before she released 9-5..Sadly Darren seemed to have trouble re-adjusting to this early spotlight which only gave a glimpse of fame and he later committed suicide...Cheerful stuff.
Oh and welcome back Tony good to see the site active again